Our campaigns aim to create favourable points of view among stakeholders on which the company depends (shareholders, employees, clients, suppliers and partners). It includes management, marketing and organizational communication. Corporate image, brand value and credibility are the results of generating a positive perception with regard to the products and services of the company.


Our media strategies seek to disseminate information to key constituencies, execute the corporate strategy and develop messages for a variety of purposes outside the organization. We act as an in-company Press Office, managing the relationship of journalists and opinion leaders, offering press releases, technical content, articles or interviews, and reporting directly to the communications director or to the Chief Executive Officer of the firm.


To protect and defend an individual, company or organization, facing a public challenge to its reputation, a crisis communication plan is needed. Some operations need to maintain a low profile. It is our commitment to ensure this. We offer audits in-company to improve emergency processes, receive calls from media, detect areas for improvement and help managers to make the necessary changes.

We design scenarios of possible problems of technical, legal or financial standing, train management teams and help to establish an appropriate methodology to face each situation, including employees and public opinion. This is especially necessary for companies that are active in regulated sectors.

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