Linden Lanai & Co. is a public relations consulting agency

The core of the business is consultancy and project management for private companies and public institutions. We believe that each client needs their own tailored service. We understand that a well-executed strategic communications tool must achieve commercial and institutional goals of clients. Our aim is to help companies of any size to build brand visibility and support growth and success.


Understand, approve, support


We design and launch campaigns explaining stakeholders and public what the company or the institution does. Our aim is to strengthen the relationship between an organization and the public. Our strategy requires a deep understanding of the interests and concerns of each of the client’s environment.


We function as a full business partner to our clients, providing global services to offer solutions to business challenges.

Our areas of expertise are campaigns of regulated sectors, economic activities that are considered “strategic” where a special supervision and control of the Public Administration intervenes. We have been working successfully for clients from diverse industries: energy, communications, space and transport, defense, national security, health and finance.



Oil – Gas


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